GreenFediverse is a open transparence project that wants to empower the fediverse to run on #renewableenergy!

We created a open list where everyone can participate in. Admins who want to make it public that their instances (physical-servers) run on renewable energy can sign into this list:

New and old users can see it and decide by themselves whether they want to choose a green instance or not. If you want your account run on a green instance, it's possible to migrate your existing one. Search for the import/export option in your account-settings.

You have a idea for a discussion, questions which others could answer, or you just want to talk about related topics (for example: #greenwebhosting #greencomputing #greendatacenter), mention @greenfediverse in your “toot” and we will boost it through our timeline!

To proof that servers are using renewable energy, you can fill out the given categories. This way makes it much easier and transparent for everyone. You can also take a look at “how to participate?” (some lines below)

Info: We decided not to hand out certificates, any kind of badges or want to judge over someone who is not capable to use renewable energy. We don't want to “green-blame” instances. Our main goal is to increase transparency and awareness on the issue of a sustainable digital infrastructure that is build on renewable energy.

How to participate?

If you are a admin and not listed yet, feel free to fill out the categories with info's of your instance.

STEP 1: Please fill in your instance name.

STEP 2: Please fill in your instance address.

STEP 3: A instance can also be checked at a “whois”-website. It tells you where a server is physically hosted. We last used: To be sure, search and read the companys side about energy-use.

STEP 4: Under “hosting-provider”, fill in the name of the company.

STEP 5: You are free to fill in every information you think is important to know about your renewable energy use. You can also take a look at those who already filled out. For example, a link to a .pdf of a renewable-energy certificate or contract.

Thanks for your action! #GreenFediverse #FediverseForFuture Free data, open knowledge and towards a sustainable planet! 💚🌱