Post Installation: Graphic Design Applications!

GNU Graphic Software

To begin I want make it clear:

With all the advanced tools available as freeware or with paid subscription, making Desktop Publishing or Digital Graphic with GNU/Linux is a total act of masochism!

I mean in future probably will be there only opensource applications that will be available through paid subscription because this is the trend, hence it is not going change anything for you, but now there are few applications really not very polished like the closed counter part but this doesn't mean that aren't powerful, but are pretty rough hence difficult to use.

More than ten years all the famous and well known applications weren't so easy to use as today, those were somehow are as today the most famous gnu graphics applications. At that time we used to call these application professionals today we watch at the gnu alternatives and we say not-user-friendly.


Post installation (Part One)

System76 Serval Laptop“System76 Serval Laptop”

There are a tons of things to do now, and I have to accustom myself to the transition from a Rolling Distro to a Release Distro, with a Desktop Environment totally new for me. However the first thing is to enable the SWAP.