6 Gnome Shell extensions that made me happy

Gnome Shell

I have been pretty busy in the last months and I hadn't time to work on my specifics projects but I have been using my laptop for all the ordinary things and I got really depressed... Gnome 3, Ubuntu and POP! almost drove me to format everything again and reinstall Debian.

However I said to myself “at least wait for Ubuntu 19.10” to see if the things get better, and in a moment of frustration I went to the Gnome Shell extension webpage to try to fix the Gnome behavior and making it at least better usable.


Show Desktop

#GNOME was started in 1999, and twenty years later (today is Sunday, July 28 2019), the best it has been able to achieve is to get rid of the show desktop button or function.

Of course, the brilliant idea behind Gnome3 was: if I eliminate the desktop area I don't need the show the desktop icons either, as well as minimize and maximize the windows. As a matter of fact the main philosophy behind Gnome3 is fixing things simply deleting everything is not conforming with their plans, as I said: BRILLIANT.

However as I told in others post the Gnome approach is fine for whom works for activities (whatever it is actually means) rather than for tasks, the way the old Gnome 2.x used to work before the introduction of Gnome-Shell. Which is the result?