Tuning the encryption!


I have achieved my goal! However I am not still pretty sure about the goodness of the encryption. From my point of view it creates more problems respect the ones it should be solve. If you have a disk failure you may not be able to decrypt that disk, even having a LVM partition spread on several disks may lead to the same problem and if those are also encrypted the risk is even higher.

Today, as a matter of fact, the Solid State Disk (SSD) are lesser prone to get broken as the old spin Hard Drive (HD) and probably this kind of risk is really low respect before; I don't store sensible information on my computers and the risk to get my hardware stolen is presumably lower than get a damaging disk. I believe that my personal data are more on risk while my computer is on internet, if for some reason there is a 0 Day Attack on Linux my data will be grasped whether I have or not my disks encrypted.


Never give up – “Final Round”

And eventually I was able to achieve it, I extended my root partition across two disks encrypted through LVM!

The process was a total pain in the heck just because, so far I saw, the Elementary Installer (POP!_OS 19.04) has a bug that makes impossible to unlock two disks or two partitions during the advance setup, hence you have to do everything manually.

The main issue is the following one: after you added the second disk and extended the root partition you have also to add the new disk on the crypttab file in order to unlock it at boot time; unfortunately you can't do that simply restarting the OS because it won't unlock the second disk, hence you have to go in live mode and CHROOT your system to activate your changes.