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I already wrote about the bigwigs but I haven't went in depth to the others packages I installed and now I would like to take some time to briefly described some of them.

But first a couple of considerations, event though almost all the GNU Graphic applications aren't polished like the proprietary ones you can integrate them with a lot of utilities (mostly by command lines) that can assist you to do almost everything is achievable with others proprietary applications. Most of the time you realize that having this tools separated by the main programs make your work faster when you need to work on bulk files at once. As I am the habit to say: there is a lot of raw power under the hood! You need only to learn how to use it.

It is a mixed-mode that is fascinating and funny, surely different, but usable. Many Desktop Environments allow to create custom actions that you can recall with your mouse and you can also create custom command on the terminal to make some repetitive operation faster. Sometimes you can even find GUI for these utilities which is pretty useful as well.

My POP! selections

bookletimposer This is a GUI as well command line tool (now CLT) to impose a pdf, useful for Printer Designer

comparepdf Other CLT to compare two PDF, always useful to have available.

converseen GUI application to convert batch of images.

displaycal GUI application to handle color calibration with Argyll CMS.

exiv2 CLT to inspect photos made by a camera, always useful to have available.

fbi CLT to display images on buffer on you terminal, always useful to have available.

gimp-gutenprint Suite to print professionally with GIMP.

gimp-ufraw Plugins to handle RAW pictures with GIMP.

gpick Color Picker, once Gnome had its own color picker called Agave :(

gsfonts-x11 Fonts package fro X11, useful in specific cases.

gv This is a postscript and pdf viewer is useful to open weird and archaic PDF.

icc-profiles ICC profiles useful for Color Management.

imagemagick The swiss-knife of the image manipulation, it can do almost everything you can or can not image. If you don't install any software that require it, you must install it manually.

libreoffice-pdfimport I do not why this is not installed by default but it works pretty well on RGB PDF.

mupdf By Artifex (Ghostscript) this is the best PDF render available on Linux, in terms of quality and velocity it displays perfectly printing PDF documents as well as very heavy documents.

mupdf-tools Tools for mupdf

pdf2svg This is useful to convert PDF that Inkscape struggles with.

pdf-arranger GUI application to arrange multiple PDF documents.

pdf-sam GUI application to arrange multiple PDF documents like PDF-Arranger.

posterazor The PosteRazor splits an image to form a multi-page PDF document.

printer-driver-cups-pdf This package creates a virtual pdf printer, and if you create a folder called cups on your home it will save all the documents in there.

pstoedit CLT utility for converting PS and PDF into others vectors files.

pstotext CLT utility to export text from a PDF.

qpdf PDF viewer with some extra functions.

trimage Useful application to compress images, it resembles the famous imageOptim for macOS, cool for Web Designer.

ttf-dejavu Nice family font to have available.

ufraw Stand-alone single raw-image editor.

uniconvertor CLT to convert and handle Corel Draw Files.

wkhtmltopdf CLT that converts HTML files on PDF documents, always useful to have available.

xournal Nice GUI application to take annotation on top of a PDF document, it saves with its own extension but you can still save in PDF loosing the ability to edit your annotation though.

xpdf X11 pdf viewer, when even mu-pdf fails it does not fail!

xsane A powerful and advanced tool for scanning images better than simple-scan.

You can install all of them with this command:

sudo apt install trimage fbi gv imagemagick mupdf mupdf-tools pdf2svg pdfarranger pstoedit wkhtmltopdf xournal xpdf icc-profiles displaycal gpick xsane exiv2 ufraw gimp-ufraw gsfonts-x11 ttf-dejavu* *uniconvertor bookletimposer comparepdf converseen libreoffice-pdfimport pdf-sam printer-driver-cups-pdf posterazor pstotext qpdf gimp-gutenprint


This one has been an important resource to handle PDF files, but this package has been ported to a java, if you don't mind using a java application (I actually mind it) it is useful to have it even cause there aren't alternatives, oh my...

sudo apt install pdftk-java

More information at:

Others packages available on POP! worth to try out!


Lout is a document formatting system similar in style to LaTeX, i.e. it works with mark-up files – plain text files containing commands to control the formatting.

I really need to dig into it!


Converts PDF and PS files to new PDF and PS documents with several sheets on the same page, or with resized or rotated sheets. It also can generate a book ready to print. It acts as a graphical frontend to psutils programs, like psnup and psbook, and runs viewers such as xpdf and gv for preview once the processing is done. The GUI is made in Tcl/Tk.

It may be useful somehow...

solvespace Very interesting 2d/3d CAD program with an intuitive GUI.


pqiv is a powerful GTK 3 based command-line image viewer with a minimal UI. It is highly customizable, can be fully controlled from scripts, and has support for various file formats including PDF, Postscript, video files and archives. It is optimized to be quick and responsive.

You never know...


tool to generate a set of .svg files out of a single .svg file.

This is something that Inkscape already does however it may be useful.

What I won't never install


It does almost the same of PDFTK but it is written in mono, I don't believe I can tolerate even mono on my computer...


This is the bonus I left for last. This is one of the most useful and cool utility to compress .svg files. It is fast and reliable, a very powerful tool for all the Web and Digital Designers. It is one of my favorite tools.

It is available as stand alone binary for Linux, you can follow my instructions, for POP! 19.04, to create a voice on the menu!

As first instance be sure to have install p7zip you can simply try out it installing the package:

sudo apt install pz7zip-full

When you finished you can continue with the following instructions:

mkdir Bin
cd Bin
mkdir svg-cleaner
cd svg-cleaner
tar zxvf svgcleaner_linux_x86_64_0.9.5.tar.gz
rm 7za
ln -s /usr/lib/p7zip/7za ~/Bin/svg-cleaner/
ln -s /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ ~/Bin/svg-cleaner/lib/
rm svgcleaner_linux_x86_64_0.9.5.tar.gz

Now you can test if it works with: (you must still be inside ~/Bin/svg-cleaner/):


If you don't get any weird output you are fine and you need just to create a .desktop file ad hoc for this application!

gedit ~/.local/share/applications/svgcleaner.desktop

And past this into it and save!

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=A GUI for SVG-Cleaner; SVG-Cleaner helps you clean up your SVG files, keeping them free from unnecessary data.

Just be sure to replace [YOUR-USER] with the name of your real user, based on your actual installation you may need this library as well: libqt5widgets5.

You can install it from the terminal:

sudo apt install libqt5widgets5

That's all!

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