6 Gnome Shell extensions that made me happy

Gnome Shell

I have been pretty busy in the last months and I hadn't time to work on my specifics projects but I have been using my laptop for all the ordinary things and I got really depressed... Gnome 3, Ubuntu and POP! almost drove me to format everything again and reinstall Debian.

However I said to myself β€œat least wait for Ubuntu 19.10” to see if the things get better, and in a moment of frustration I went to the Gnome Shell extension webpage to try to fix the Gnome behavior and making it at least better usable.

Eventually I was Lucky and I found a pool of extensions that fixed the behavior of Gnome in a way I like and feel comfortable with it.

  1. Dash to Panel is way more superior than Dash to Dock; You can enable separate behaviors for each monitors and I have a second monitor connected to the laptop.

  2. Shell Tile; this super cool extension can tile all your windows just holding ctrl, it is so cool and useful!

  3. Arc Menu; this is the menu.

  4. No Title Bar – Forked; this reminds me a plugin for the Xfce4 panel called Windowck, it doesn't work well like the Xfce4 panel plugin, but with all the options disabled is usable even if sometimes you have to restart the shell.

  5. System Monitor; I found it pretty innovative and original rather than the usual progressive bars.

  6. Multi monitors add-on; last but not least the multi monitors support that makes working everything on both monitors.

Now using Gnome/POP!/Ubuntu is surely better and comfortable however many intrinsic issues remain:

  1. Difficulty to find an extension that work with your Gnome Shell version or that is up to date.
  2. Lacking of general and predictable control setting over the extensions.
  3. Extensions may have conflicts toward each others.
  4. Lacking of proper documentation, some extensions requires additional packages and it is not always explicit.

As a matter of fact setup panels, plugins and applet on Xfce4 and KDE Plasma is easier and consistent, and things work as expected by their inner organization while on Gnome is a total mess.

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