Thunderbird to PST Converter (Easy, Accurate & Safe)

There are many problems associated with the process of Thunderbird to PST conversion. The task has been considered unsafe as it always brings harm to customer’s database. It also consumes a lot of energy. The biggest disadvantage associated with the task is that it consumes a lot of time too.

There has been no tool which can bring end to this painful time consumption. Most tools struggles with the completion of the task itself. However, there is one tool which can help you with the conversion process without consuming too much time. This software program is called Mail Extractor Pro from USL.

Thunderbird to PST


This tool has all the latest technologies at its disposal. It helps in making the tool do the impossible. The tool easily converts Thunderbird files to PST format in no time at all. Plus, the tool makes the task very easy for its customers with the help of its interface. It also provides complete conversion which directly translates to complete satisfaction. The tool also finishes the conversion process in style by preserving the folder arrangement.

The best benefit of this tool is that it can be tried for free. It has a free trial version which helps in exploring the tool without any expenditure for a limited period of time. In this limited period, potential customers can easily witness the premium features of the tool in action. With this offering the company seeks to provide potential customers a greater understanding of the tool’s processes so that they can make informed decisions.

Here are the features one should look out for in this tool:-


The tool has a simple interface which helps in easy operation of the tool. Customers can start using the tool from the very first day without any assistance at all. They do not need to have any prior knowledge of the tool or the process. The interface of the tool has been made so user-friendly and interactive that it helps customers feel directly at home with the whole process.


Customers can also expect full scale conversion with the help of this tool. It can export Thunderbird mails, attachments, meta-data content and much more to PST format without any hassle. The tool delivers quality to the conversion without consuming much time too.


The biggest advantage of this tool is that it saves your precious time in Thunderbird to PST conversion. The tool can easily export Thunderbird to PST with the help of its batch conversion feature. The tool converts the database to batches and then converts them simultaneously. With the help of this feature the tool is able to convert any size of Thunderbird database to PST in no time at all with the highest quality retained.

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So, download the free trial version of this tool and see the benefit for yourself!