Get the best out of your MBOX to PST Conversion

MBOX to PST Conversion is one of the toughest tasks on your to do list. Nobody wants to go through the torrid time of converting your MBOX data to PST and wait in fear while the entire data is being converted.

Worrying about that one wrong step can be one of the worst experiences of the day. To ensure that you don’t feel the same ever again, you need to seek professional help for your MBOX to PST Conversion. And that helps comes to you in the form of a third-party converter tools.

These converter tools are like your flashlight on a dark night. They act as a guide to get your through the scary process of MBOX to PST Conversion.

But the catch with these converter tools is that you need to select the right converter tool for your conversion process. And there is no better option to this than USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro.

The ultimate tool to Convert MBOX to PST

Mail Extractor Pro is the most all-round tool ever. The tool offers you all the best features combined in a smooth working tool. All the features combined give you one of the most pleasant conversion experiences of your life.

mbox to pst conversion

It will convert you Apple Mail, Postbox, MBOX and Thunderbird to PST for Mac & Win Outlook.

Accuracy, Ease, Precision and what not. The tool offers you everything in a complete single package.

More Accurate conversion of your data from MBOX to PST than any other converter tool

The accuracy of Mail Extractor Pro exceeds the expectations of everybody and its counterparts too. The tool provides you with the best in class accuracy that helps in converting everything and anything present in the input file.

The encoding scheme or the type of the data doesn’t matter to the tool. It converts all of it irrespective of the encoding scheme. Be it Unicode or ASCII data the tool converts them both with same accuracy. Unicode contains not your normal textual data and therefore sometimes becomes a little tough to convert.

Previous converters have struggled with it while Converting MBOX to PST. But not Mail Extractor Pro. The tool converts it all without fail giving you a complete and safe conversion process.

And the interface makes it even easier to convert MBOX to PST

Interface of this converter tool is an exception to the trend. Most third-party converter tools boast an interface that shows everything that the tool has to offer. But it becomes suffocating and sometimes make it even harder to get the process sorted out.

Mail Extractor Pro provides you with a simple interface that only shows what is required to convert MBOX to PST. Thus, making it easier to understand and follow. To add to this the tool also provides informative wizards and dialog boxes at every step of the conversion process.